Deposit Bonus

What is deposit bonus money in an online casino?

Online casinos are competitive and will compete against each other for your business. To entice you to gamble in their online casino as opposed to at their competitors, they will offer incentives to bet their often in the forms of bonuses. There are many types of bonuses that online casinos may offer such as bonuses for trying new games or for the frequency of games you play and amounts you gamble. One form of bonus money at an online casino is a deposit bonus.

A deposit bonus is given when ou first set up an account at an online casino and make an initial deposit. This is an incentive for you to move beyond the free non gambling games that they offer to the paid betting games where they earn their money. Though it is called a deposit bonus, it is commonly not available until you play a game or games of chance first. So you won't be able to simply deposit money into the account, earn a bonus, and take out the money. You will need to play with some of the deposit money first. Read the rules and stipulations of the deposit bonus before you choose and play at the online casino to understand how you qualify for it.