Bonus Money

Bonus Money At Online Casinos

Online casinos have become quite popular and many offer players free bonus money. This helps increase business for the casino and gives the players a chance to acquaint themselves with the casino. The cash bonuses are for players making their first deposit and are usually given on a percentage basis with a cap. A good example is a casino offering bonus money with a 300 percent match and a $3000 cap. The player can deposit a maximum of $1000. The casino will give the player $3 for each dollar deposited. This means although the player only deposited $1000 they now have $3000 to make their wagers.

There are numerous types of bonus money offered by casinos with the play only bonus being the most common. The players bonus money is placed into a separate account and can be used to make wagers. Every time a player places a bet the money is taken from their bonus account. When the player wins their winnings are placed into their regular account. Money cannot be withdrawn from the bonus account but after the player has met the casinos requirements they can withdraw money from their regular account. Until all the bonus money has been wagered the player is essentially wagering for free.